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From the beginning…

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I’m Chelsea.  I am a studio art and psychology major at the University of Mary Washington.  This is my art blog/portfolio.  Essentially, it is my attempt to get my work out there in an accessible and semi-professional matter, and to keep myself continuously practicing art, and involved in art.   I’ve done this a few times before, and even after reading an article on why most artist’s blogs fail, I’ve decided to try again.  I’m even going to keep my old high school stuff on here for laughs, and hopefully to show a progression of “Chelsea’s art before and after she has taken college level courses in fine art.”  I have thus far taken one art class at Mary Washington, and it was a digital art class [this explains why there are so many digital pieces presented].  Please, take a look around, leave comments, criticisms, random websites, or email me.

Hello world!

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